Our Management team has years of experience spanning across continents and a wide range of industry skills under their belts. They are energetic, positive and data-driven business strategists who are dedicated in bringing A-players from all around the world to work hard together in a non-hierarchical environment building leading regional e-commerce group.

David Chmelař
Heinrich Wendel
Paul Brown-Kenyon
Thomas Lozza
James Yeang
Chong Long Choo
Pang Swee Keat
Ngeow Wu Han

Human Resource and Office Management

The key driver to iPrice’s hypergrowth are its people. The intricacies of recruiting, managing and engaging these top talents are the fun aspects of what we do here! Think you are up for it? We can’t wait to connect with you!


iPrice is the name and coding is the game! We hack, we crack, no guesses we are "full stack”. We come from all around the world – you can’t describe us in couple of words. Yes, we work hard and hours may be long, but when we have fun, we can’t go wrong! We are also a bunch of geeks, who aren’t afraid to speak.


There are 1,001 website features and improvements that can be done but it takes product experts to decide which. The Product team analyzes, specifies, and prioritizes new features so they are delivered on time, every time. All this so you can have the best online shopping experience in one place – iPrice!


A budding pool of User Experience practitioners & designers, on a mission to make your shopping experience less troublesome (minus the hunting, sorting & comparing) through numerous iteration. We are passionate about user experience to take on challenges in design for the ever-changing landscape of digital consumers across South East Asia.


In the midst of chaos, order needs to be maintained. With a total of 90 million products in the product catalogue, the categorization team ensures that products appear in the correct pages while upholding the highest standard of quality in each page we create.


Looking for some extra discount on your purchases? We, the dedicated Coupon Team have got you covered! Analyzing, negotiating, writing and optimizing are part of our daily routine to ensure the best deals for your online purchases. We keep you updated with the latest deals, vouchers, and exclusive discounts for you to save while you shop!

Content Writing

Shoes, smartphones, chocolates – you name it, we write it! We inject fun into our content while providing tips, tricks, and comprehensive guides. Our dedicated pool of writers squeeze their creative juices every day to ensure our users have an unforgettable shopping experience!

Content Marketing

We are your favourite e-commerce insider. We turn data into heart-breaking or inspiring stories. The media loves us for the e-commerce gossips and hates us for spamming their inbox.

IP Biz

The name seems boring but the stuff we do are cool. We leave footprints on global brands and media publishers' sites, allowing them to jump on the e-commerce bandwagon and thrive in business.


Great partners are essential for iPrice Group. Our partnership team works across all our markets, in seven different languages, to find and build commercial partnerships with the greatest marketplaces and e-commerce merchants in South East Asia.

Customer Success

An incredible army working on capturing the wild e-commerce kingdom of South East Asia. Being the merchant’s front face and the company's heart, we, the Customer Success team, strive to improve business metrics.

Finance and BI

A start-up on a meteor-trajectory to the top requires a sophisticated control room. Comprised of data gurus from diverse fields, the Finance and Business Intelligence team ensures that the iPrice spaceship continues its growth to infinity and beyond!