Management Team

Every ship needs a captain, and at iPrice, it’s no different. Headed by a diverse upper management team whose leadership and experience spans across continents and a wide range of industries, iPrice is equipped to take on the challenges of the startup life.

David Chmelař


Heinrich Wendel


Dr. Konstantin Lange

Senior VP of Operations

Matteo Sutto

VP of Marketing

Sandeep Raj

VP of Sales

Marketing & Communications Team

Guardians of the brand’s image and voice, the marketing team works tirelessly to ensure that communications, promotions and offers do exactly what they’re meant to do – to keep you coming back to iPrice for more amazing deals!

Amy Aanen

Azhann Rosmin

Celestine Na

Grace Jothi

Linh Raj

Van Siu Linh

Valen Lim

Yazan Bakour

Operations Team

A solid operations team is the foundation that successful companies are built on, and the operations team’s role at iPrice is no different. Comprised of Human Resources and Finance, the folks at operations are the behind-the-scenes magicians who keep the gears rolling smoothly.

Lai Hui Min

Shakirah Aljunid

Beenish Niaz

Shazreeq Alhadi

Riyan Adi Putra

Yap Wai Keen

What's my favourite thing about iPrice?

“Every day lies a different challenge. It can get tough at times, but it never gets boring. Things move so quickly here that in 60 days, the company changes so much. The fast-paced environment, and more importantly, the people, keep the iPrice culture vibrant. It’s super fun here, and time flies by so fast.”

Sales & Account Management Team

Responsible for merchant partnerships, iPrice would be nothing but an empty shell if it wasn’t for the driven and passionate sales team. Always on the hunt for the latest and greatest e-tailers on the Southeast Asian block, the iPrice sales team is well on its way to making iPrice the most comprehensive e-commerce community on the web.

Jenny Nguyen

Justice Dignos  



Trisna Tanadi

Tech Team

Our code wizards, are the lifeblood of iPrice, tasked with ensuring that the engine of iPrice is firing on all cylinders. They're committed to delivering the best online shopping experience to you all day, every day.

Akhyar Muhammad

Anton Bormotov

Sergey Shcherbin

Younes El Alami

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